Student visa, which allows its holder to study at an institution of higher learning in the issuing country.Before you apply for this visa, you must have applied for and been accepted to study full-time at a college/university. You must provide evidence of your Enrolment and proof of your financial capacity to undertake the course, at the time that you lodge.








Canada is a popular choice among international students due to the country's amazing natural landscapes, award winning lifestyle and world class education standards. Since we have been recruiting students for Canada, KM OVERSEAS has experienced a high visa success rate amongst our clients.








KM OVERSEAS represents a wide range of Colleges and Universities across the USA, offering students the choice of both study program and location. AIRC accreditation is a rigorous process to ensure that agents working with American institutions are ethical and qualified. This accreditation therefore provides students with the assurance that KM OVERSEAS is a trustworthy and quality organization to help you fulfill your dream of studying in the USA.









 KM OVERSEAS has been helping Indian students Study in the UK since 2014. We represent Universities and Colleges across England and Scotland offering students a wide choice of study destination and course selection. Many of our staff have successfully completed training provided by the British Council to ensure our knowledge of living and studying in the UK is up to date and accurate.








KM OVERSEAS has been helping Indian students Study in Australia. We offer students the choice of Universities, TAFE Colleges and private colleges throughout Australia, our strong reputation has been acknowledge by the Australian Government authority.